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When You Decide to Order Your Bridal Dress From a Website.......

This post is for all brides-to-be who would like to order bridal dresses from an online website.

1. Don't order from a site which sells dresses but photos don't belong to them.

We heard a lot of horrible stories about ordering bridal dresses online, mostly because buyers didn't notice this problem before they place an order. For some shopping websites, they don't have their own photos, just download pictures from somewhere from the internet, you can't see what they can do in these sites, you don't know what quality of their actual dresses. That's why we heard many sad stories saying"it's nothing like the picture". So please make sure you order from a website from which you can see their actual dresses and what kind of quality they make. That's very important! 

2. If possible, please don't buy cheap gowns.

First, I think we agree with this saying"you get what you paid".So please don't buy from cheap dresses(especially less than USD 100) online, no one can guarantee you the quality. We're a manufacturer, I understand some people produce cheap dresses, but can you imagine buying a good quality wedding dress with less than USD 100? I doubt it(unless for promotion). Don't be misguided by those photos, they are over-beautified by photoshop or similar software.

3. The video is better.

If the seller can provide dress videos, that will be great, because photos can be easily prettified by some software. Videos are more real and helpful for you to see what a dress looks like and can help you to see its details and quality more clearly.

4.About size and color.

I also heard some terrible stories about "I got the wrong size or didn't fit me at all". Here I just want to say something to all brides. When you decide to order a bridal dress from a site, please check the site carefully and follow its size chart and its color chart, that's very important. Don't use your local size chart, or you will get the wrong size dress. Even though you choose the correct size, please be prepared to leave some time for possible final alteration to fit you perfectly, sometimes you may need this.
About color, normally the issue doesn't happen on wedding dresses, because the white and ivory are the most common choices for wedding dresses, and we're very familiar with the 2 colors. It happens sometimes on bridesmaid dresses. Because there is a slight color difference between real color and color on the screen due to screen effect. Sometimes there will be fine if you do not stick to a specific color because the color difference is very slight. But sometimes you want an exact color, you may need to ask the sellers to take more photos for you, even send you some samples before your real order. For instance, you can ask the seller to take more photos of the fabrics they will use on your dresses, so you will see the real fabrics before you get the dresses. Just one thing, when you decide to order bridesmaid dresses(especially chiffon bridesmaid dresses), please do your best to order all of them one time, ensuring all your dresses are made in exactly the same color. This is another question, it's about how the colorful fabrics are made. All fabrics are dyed from the fabric factory, then the dresses manufacturers like us order fabrics from them, and use them to make dresses. When they sell out all the fabrics, they need to dye the fabrics again. Sometimes there is a slight difference between this time and last time. That's why I advise you to order all your colorful chiffon bridesmaid dresses at the same time, not order one from time to time, or there will be slight color difference on these dresses, and that's unacceptable. If you have to order them time by time, please inform the seller and ask them to take care of your order, maybe they can keep the fabrics for you or do something else which can help, just don't forget to have a discussion with the seller.

 5.About changes

I understand some girls want some changes on the dress, even mix some dresses into a mixed-style dress. Top from dress A, bottom from dress B, back like Dress C or other changes like this. My suggestion is if you want changes, please do fewer changes on the original dress unless you're a designer, or you're very confident with the final effect. If you change too much, that will be very risky because the final version may not as beautiful as you expected, and it happened many times according to our experience.

To be continued......


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