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The Most Common Materials Used in Wedding Dressses


When we make bridal gowns, the most common fabrics used include satin, tulle, organza, elastic satin, taffeta, and lace. All of them can be used as the main fabric, also the outside layer on wedding dresses.
1.1 Satin
Satin is the most common material used in wedding dresses. There are different types of satins and different qualities. High-quality satin makes wedding dresses look more luxury. 

1.2 Elastic Satin
Like its name, it is elastic, it is used on some special gowns.

1.3 Tulle
Tulle, also my favorite fabric, is a great choice to make a wedding dress look romantic and dreamy, as half-transparent tulle can create unspeakable beauty.

1.4 Organza
Organza is also half-transparent, but totally different from tulle, it is a little shiny, not too much, not too little. It is also a popular fabric for making wedding dresses.

1.5 Chiffon
Chiffon is usually used in sheath wedding dresses because of its dropping character. It is a very popular material for making beach wedding dresses.

1.6 Taffeta
Taffeta is not as popular as before but still has to be mentioned. It is thinner than satin but shinier than satin, totally different from satin.

1.7 Lace
Lace is also the main fabric for making wedding dresses, it can be used as the outer layer.

2. Lace

There are many different types of lace, but I don't how to translate them into English. So I just present some common ones. You can see they are differently made in different fabrics and ways. Please note I just show some common tyles of lace, rather than the patterns on lace. There are numerous patterns of lace, I have no way to show all of them.

Lace 1                                               Lace 2                                        Lace 3
Lace  4                                               Lace 5                                 Lace 6

Like lace, I also can't tell the names of them, so just show photos of them, you can see they are different. Also please note I just show some common tyles of appliques, rather than the patterns of appliques. There are numerous patterns, I have no way to show all of them.

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